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Neo-Life Shake

A delicious and convenient way to help satisfy hunger while giving you lasting energy. Based on the science of cellular nutrition & GR2 Control Technology for daily nutrition and weight management.

Key Benefits

• Each serving provides 18 grams of protein, all 22 amino acids critical for human nutrition
• GR2 (Glycemic Response) Control Technology helps minimize fat storage and promote fat burning*
• Exclusive Protogard Process maximizes nutritional value of this high protein formula
• Packed with protective antioxidants from Neo-Plex Concentrate*


• Proprietary blend of 18 grams high quality protein
• 5 grams of satisfying fiber
• Biologically complete with 22 amino acids and 25 vitamins and minerals
• No artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives added
• Mixes easily in water
• Only 160 calories


Simply mix two level scoops into 8 fl. oz. ice cold water (or milk, juices) in a shaker or blender. Blend in a few ice cubes for an even thicker, frothier drink. Use as a meal replacement for weight management, or for delicious and healthy nutrition everyday.


13 Responses to “Neo-Life Shakes”

  1. jess Says:

    Does Neo-Life Shake contain dairy, as I am allergic to milk.

  2. Dan Says:

    What is the protein in your shakes

  3. Larry Says:


    Sorry for the delay, it does use milk as one of its protein sources. It is 90% lactose free.

  4. Larry Says:


    There’s 18 grams of protein per serving when mixed in water, more if mixed with milk.

  5. Alan Says:

    How many cups can you have a day?

  6. Larry Says:

    Hi Alan,

    Frankly, I’ve never been asked that question, and in all the literature I’ve read, I’ve never seen a limit. I have used it for all three meals on many days, and I felt invigorated.

    But I was also taking supplements with it, including Formula IV, Salmon Oil Plus, and threshold-controlled Vitamin B.

    I did use ProVitality with it for a few months, and I felt great. But as far as the supplements go, I’ve taken Formula IV, Salmon Oil, and vitamin B for ages, so now i”m in the process of deciding my long term regimen with the Shakes. I may switch to ProVitality.

    And just as an FYI, the shakes can be mixed with fruit juice, too, which I prefer. I hope I answered your question sufficiently.

  7. Alan Says:

    Yes and thank you.

  8. Hilary Says:

    Looking for a low carb nutri-shake

  9. Sherri Says:

    I’m gluten intolerant, isn’t the maltodextrin fiber a source of gluten?

  10. melissa Says:

    I see the protein in this shake is soy… is this GMO soy?

  11. Larry Says:

    Neo-Life adds no gluten to any of its supplements. But since we do use wheat in some supplements, we cannot state “Gluten-free”. The gluten included comes in trace amounts. I’ve had people report to me that although they are gluten-intolerant, they had no problems with our supplements. Gluten is a protein composite found in wheat and related grains, including barley and rye.

    In individuals with coeliac disease (American English: celiac), consumption of gluten causes adverse health issues ranging from abdominal bloating, gas, diarrhea and vomiting to migraine headaches and joint pain. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive process of the small intestine. In 2009 research showed between 0.5 and 1.0 percent of people in the US and UK are sensitive to gluten due to coeliac disease. It probably occurs with comparable frequency among all wheat-eating populations in the world. Coeliac disease has no cure but is manageable with a gluten-free diet.

    Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (sometimes known as gluten intolerance) is a condition thought to arise as a result of an immunological response to gluten that differs in nature to the immune response characteristic of coeliac disease. However, there is no current scientific consensus that this is a genuine pathological condition and the mechanism by which this could occur is unknown. Frequently, symptoms could arise in individuals as a result of undiagnosed coeliac disease or due to a reaction to other components of wheat, such as short-chain, fermentable carbohydrates called FODMAPs.

    I found no information about maltodextrin.

    Source: Wikipedia.org

  12. Larry Says:

    Yes. The NeoLife Shakes and Super Ease are both low in carbs.

  13. Larry Says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Sorry for the delay. GNLD uses no GMOs. I researched and found a document (pdf) that states GNLD’s official position on the matter.

    You can get a copy of it by visiting: Neo-Life.com/gmo0415.pdf

    Thank you!

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